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Collision Towing Service

24/7 Collision Towing Service In Calgary

We ever hear road accidents news on TV. No one wants to get in an accident. But it happens by mistake or bad luck. If that happen with you while in Calgary or its surroundings areas, we can help you with vehicle collision towing service.

If you are get in the road accident with a vehicle, here are five things you should do right away.

  • Dial 911 quickly if anyone hurt.
  • Exchange the insurance and contact information with the other party.
  • Check the driver’s license to confirm the correct information.
  • Collect the information like vehicle registration number, company, model no as well as the other party’s name, address, contact number and driver’s license information.
  • Whether it is a small or big accident, please don’t forget to file an accident report.

If you want to take your car or other vehicle to nearest auto repair shop immediately then you may call us. We have expert teams of tow truck drivers, engineers and technicians and we are 24/7 hours available. Our team help you with safest and damage free towing service. We also deal with insurance companies. Call us +1 587 707 7440, we are just a phone call away.